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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

...fiNal toUch of My preSentaTion bEL 492...

Dear Blog,

Today is my final presentation for Bel 492.. I'm really nervous.. huhuhu... I have done all the detail that required for my presentation.. Hope there is nothing wrong.. huhuhu... I hope i'm doing fine when i presented in about a 1 hour from now.. goshh... Be confident aisyah!! Chaiyok3... huHuhu... Hurm.. My topic i about the advantages of wearing safety belt among back passennger.. Actually at first I want to present about the issues of global warming.. but i feels like... hurm.. it is very common.. so i changed it.. Even this topic is kind of bored.. but i'll try my best to make it happenning.. ghee... Hope it can sastified my audience and also my beloved lecture, Associate Professor Hj. Sa'aban bin Hj. Salim.. Amin... Last but not least... good luck to me... heee... See yaa!!!

Wait for the latest new about my presentation... hehehehe... Daa...


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