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Monday, October 24, 2011

I miss you...!!!

Hye... Assalamualaikum...
You guys taw tak.. act last Tuesday is my birthday...!! yeah!!! yippiee.. but now i'm become more older sobs3xx.... :'( anyway... da day on my birthday... i received a call early in da morning... a stranger okey... (but my instinct tell me i know him well)  Yesss!!! as i expected.. abit shocked.. but at da same time... i'm so happy seeing him again... even in a short time... thanks dear for making my day my big day and always full fill my wish.. i love you dear.

Even though not many people know my birthday and he also didn't remember it, but my family always remember it... (even it's only a wish) i'm so thankful...


The only present dat i get was... 

'A bouquet of Blue Roses'
(act mase tue.. rase mcm nk peluk2x je....suke sgt2... tp control cikit... hahahaha...)

adorable kn?? it's hard to find blue roses nie.. huhuhu... since i blaja g i nk... can't believe i got it.. thanks dear... :)

I never want to let him go... but it was like holding an air...how could ever i want to hold it tight?? isit possible?

Someone Like You-Adele

'Sometime it lasts in love but sometime it hurts instead'

ps: i love you forever... xoxo.



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